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By the time a family has grown  and the children have moved , there should be at least one portrait of each person in the family.

  • A portrait of the lady of the house ( in her wedding gown or an elegant portrait that captures her personality)
  •  The Man (a portrait that incorporates his profession or  hobby)
  •  Each child (preferably, between the age of 2 to 6 )
  •  A grouping of all of the children after the youngest is at least two to three years of age
  • The entire family before the family structure changes with engagements and weddings



Your child is very important to your family and the more often they get that message, the more it registers.

For years, many young families have followed a wonderful tradition of having an “Oil Painting” style wall portrait of each child at 3-5 years old, before they start Kindergarten.

The first child in the family starts the process with their wall portrait, and each child that follows has their turn to be added to the “Wall of Honor”.

“ I think they knew they were important before but, after the portraits was hung, there is no doubt about it,” said a mother from Fenton, Michigan

One grandmother who sponsors a wall portrait of each grand child at 4 ½ years said, “ Once we started the program with the first grandchild, the others were extremely excited when it became their turn . . . we have one more to go.”

“ Every day the kids see the portraits on the wall when they get up to start the day – they know they must be important.”

Portraits by Sayles, with studios in Chicago, and Troy, has been providing families with the finest quality of commissioned oil paintings and fine photographic portraits since 1945.

Besides the positive effect on the child’s self esteem, the parents have a wonderful piece of artwork that captures each child at the “ Golden Age of Childhood”.